Charging for multi-storey car parks and new buildings

According to a newly adopted EU directive, electric car owners must be able to charge their car when it is parked in a multi-storey car park or other large new buildings. The rules for new, large buildings and major renovations already apply from 10 March 2020, while the requirements for establishing charging points by existing buildings apply from 2025.

This means other requirements and work processes for the architect, entrepreneur or technical project manager, as the installation of charge stations should be considered in the construction from the start.

That imposes new requirements and procedures on designing architects, clients or technical project managers since they have to integrate charging points and boxes in the initial drawings.

All relevant questions. Spirii has many years’ experience in installing charging points in multi-storey car parks, parking lots and other large buildings and will therefore be able to provide you with the perfect solution.

Install charging points with Spirii

As a technical project manager for a major construction, it might seem complex and time-consuming to establish charging points in either multi-storey car parks, parking lots or other large buildings. Most people in the construction industry are aware of the strict EU requirements on charging of electric cars and therefore also know that charging for electric cars must be integrated in the construction work at an early stage. However, it can be difficult to get stated – and to get on. How to get started, and who should you collaborate with?

How many charging points are needed?

How many electric cars should be able to charge at the same time? And how do we ensure a scalable solution that is affordable? Together with our experienced installation partners, we will plan the task and make sure that you do not end up installing too many or too few charging points or boxes. The project must be designed correctly from the beginning to make any subsequent charging points cheaper to establish. This ensures that you do not have to buy and instal too many charging points or charging boxes too soon.

With Spirii as your charging partner, you will always be able to increase the number of charging points at your convenience and at a low cost.

Where should the charging points be installed?

The charging points must be placed correctly in the building or multi-storey car park so that they are easy to find. Together with our knowledgeable and experienced installation partner, we will make suggestions for the optimum placing of the charging points. Both in terms of traffic flows inside the building but also in terms of the cabling of the charging points. It is also important that the charging points are only used for electric cars. We also offer advice about the most common and optimum type of signage.

Spirii’s employees have many years’ experience and have helped others in the same situation. However, even though we have the expertise, we are naturally open to your suggestions.

Get help to select charging equipment

Do you need extra electricity? With Spirii software you do not have to pay a connection fee

The need for charging in multi-storey car parks and other large buildings increases as more people acquire an electric car. It is therefore relevant to investigate whether adequate electricity is available or whether you need to add extra capacity. All our charging solutions include intelligent software that allows balancing the charging at the charging points. Spirii’s intelligent software ‘balances’ the charging and optimises utilisation of the electricity available in order to minimise the need to buy expensive electricity. This is what we call ‘Load Management’. Read more about the software here.

Spirii’s employees have many years’ experience in this area and are therefore able to guide you on how you best deal with the distribution of the electricity you have at your disposal and add extra electricity. Do not hesitate to contact us – we know what we are talking about.

How should electric car owners be invoiced for the electricity they use?

It is a good idea to consider which service you want to offer electric car owners in the multi-storey car park or parking lot. For instance, do you want to differentiate between users and charging prices? Or should everyone pay the same price? And do you want to earn money on the charging service you provide? Spirii offers simple and flexible solutions that make it easy for electric car owners and building owners to keep track of how much electricity has been used and to invoice the actual consumption. All you have to do is to decide who will pay for the electricity used at the charging points or boxes in the building.

Read more about Spirii Connect service packages here

Spirii has many years’ experience in providing charging solutions for large buildings and multi-storey car parks, and will be able to advice you on which service you can offer electric car owners. Others have done it before you – Spirii knows the solutions.


Spirii offers you a share of the revenue from the charging points.

In two out of our four Spirii Connect service packages, you get a share of the revenue generated by the charging points. We will make an agreement with you about the revenue sharing. Contact our sales team to learn more about revenue split.

How do we make sure that the solution can be scaled to meet future needs for charging?

It is a good idea to make sure that the selected charging solution not only covers the electric car owners’ needs today but also in the future. Spirii wants to deliver long-term solutions to our customers, so that they can plan their investments from the beginning and so that it keeps its value throughout the product lifecycle – and preferably longer.

Future-proof means that your charging point supports the mobility and functionality needs that are relevant today and in the future and that the charging equipment is made of a quality that ensures a long lifecycle.

Read more about our future-proof charging solutions here.

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