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According to a recently adopted EU directive , electric car owners should be able to charge their electric car when it is parked in a parking lot, garage or other large, new buildings. The rules for new, larger buildings and major renovations will apply already from the 10th March 2020, while the requirements for establishment of charge stations for existing buildings apply from 2025.

This means other requirements and work processes for the architect, entrepreneur or technical project manager, as the installation of charge stations should be considered in the construction from the start.

The questions are many and relevant. In Spirii, we have many years of experience with the installation of charge stations in car parks, parking garages and other large buildings and we therefore also have the right solution for you.

Install charge stations with Spirii

As a technical project manager for a larger construction, it may seem like a complex and time-consuming process to establish charging facilities for in either parking lots, garages or other large buildings. Most people in the construction industry are aware of the stricter EU requirements when it comes facilitating charging of electric cars, and therefore also know that charging facilities should be considered in building proces early. However, it can be difficult to get started. Where to begin and who to work with?

We have gathered the most relevant questions for you when it comes to establishing charging facilities for electric cars in a parking lot or garage and other large buildings.

How many charge stations should be installed?

How many electric cars should be able to charge at the same time? And how do we ensure a scalable solution at an affordable price? Together with our experienced installation partners, we plan and design the installation and make sure that you do not install too many or too few charge stations. It must be properly dimensioned from start, so that the subsequent charge stations will be cheaper to establish. In this way, you avoid buying and installing too many charge stations too early.

With Spirii as a charging partner, you are always ensured an easy and inexpensive opportunity to increase the number of charging sports when there is a need for it.

Where should the charge stations be installed?

The charge stations must be placed correctly in the building or the P-house so that the electric drivers can easily find them. Together with our skilled and experienced installation partner, we come up with suggestions for the best placement of the seats. Both in relation to the internal driving flow in the building, but also the power to the charging seats. It is also important that the charging seats are used only for electric vehicles. We therefore also gladly advise on the typical and optimum form of signage.

The employees at Spirii have many years of experience and have counselled other customers in the same situation. But we are very open to hear your thoughts and ideas.

Get help choosing the right charging equipment

Buying extra power capacity? Spirii software Load Management saves you money

The need for charging in parking lots and larger buildings increases with the number of electric cars on the road. It is relevant to examine if you have the right amount of power available or if you need to purchase additional capacity. All our charging solutions include intelligent software that enables charge-balancing on the charge stations. Spiriis intelligent software “balances” the charge sessions and makes the most use of the available power to minimize the need for purchasing additional power capacity. We call it “Load management”. Read more about the software here.

The employees at Spirii have many years of experience in the field and can advise you on how to distribute the available power and the purchase of extra power. Use our know-how – we’ve tried it all before.

How will users pay for the power they use?

It is a good idea to decide which service you want to offer electric drivers in the parking garage or space. For example, will you differentiate between users and charging prices? Or should everyone pay the same power price? And would you have the opportunity to earn on the charge you offer? Spirii has simple and flexible solutions that make it easy for both the owner of the electric car and the owner of the building to keep track of how much power is being used for charging as well as billing the consumption. You simply have to decide who will pay for the power used at the recharging stands or charge boxes of the building.
Learn more about Spirii Connect service packs here

Spirii has many years of experience with establishing charging solutions in larger buildings and parking lots and can easily advise on which service to offer electric car owners. Others have done it before you – we know the right solutions.

We offer you part of the revenue from the charge sessions

Two of our four Spirii Connect solutions offer you a share of the revenue generated on the charge stations. Get in touch with our skilled sales team and learn more about revenue split.

How do we ensure that the solution can be scaled to meet future charging needs?

It is a good idea to ensure that the chosen charging solution, not only meet the needs of electric car owners today, but also in the future. In Spirii, we are very committed to delivering long-lasting solutions to our customers, so that your investment is long-term right from start and last the entire life of the product.

Future-proof charging means that your charge stations supports the functionality requirements that are relevant – both today and in the future – and that the physical equipment itself is produced in a high quality and has a long duration of service.

Learn more about our future-proof charging solutions here.

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