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Forward-looking municipalities, regions and business want to promote the green transition in the transport area in order to improve their climate foot-print and reduce local air pollution. They therefore choose to convert part of their fleet into electric cars, which often proves to be a smart choice.

However, charging solutions need to be considered when electric cars make up part of or the entire fleet. This naturally raises a number of questions that need to be answered before charging points are acquired and installed.


Before you select a charging solution, you might consider the following

All relevant questions. Spirii has many years’ experience in providing charging of fleets and will most likely be able to offer the perfect solution for your municipality, region or company.

Spirii helps you find the perfect charging solution for your fleet regardless of where they are charging

Each car in the fleet will be charged in the same place every night

Each electric car in the fleet will have its own parking spot and will get a dedicated Spirii charging box. For cars that are parked in the same spot every day, our most popular product offers a stylish, robust charging box with a single charging outlet. The charging box is mounted on the wall and comes with an integrated cable so that the user do not need to deal with a long, tangled cable in the trunk. All this to make the transition to electric car easier for the individual user. The success of having electric cars in your fleet generally depends on user experience. Spirii makes it easy and simple from the beginning.

With Spirii as charging partner, you are ensured an itelligent, affordable and future-proof charging solution for your electric cars.

A car in the fleet will not be charged in the same place every night

Some cars in the fleet are parked at the user’s home. For this purpose, Spirii naturally offers to establish an intelligent charging box at the user’s home so that the car is always fully charged and ready to go in the morning. Together we will find the best solution, and we also help you navigate any tax rules that applies when employees have a charging box installed at home.

Charge your car fleet with Spirii

We have many years of experience assisting municipalities, regions and companies charge the electric vehicles in their car fleet, and we are therefore also familiar with the associated challenges. It should be easy for users to connect, charge and use electric cars in their day-to-day affairs. The establishment of the charging points should ideally be as affordable as possible while also being scalable for future demands. Every electric car in your fleet should be fully charged every morning so that the electric car can be used by employees to efficiently go about their work. We listen to your needs and ask the right questions in order to provide a recommendation that fits your specific needs. Join our many other customers who have seen the value of relying on our expertise


With Spirii as your charging partner, you get the best, cheapest and most future-proof charging solution for electric cars.


Correct placement and future-proof charging solution

It is important to consider the placement of the charging points from the very start, as well as potential expansions of parking capacity for electric cars when/if required. This allows us to ensure the installation of the charging points is as affordable as possible. Our professional installation partners know exactly where the best locations are for installing charging points. We also know how much or how little electricity is needed for the charging points. With Spirii as your charging partner, you will be able to increase the number of charging points or charging boxes at your convenience and at a low cost. We help you get the most out of your investment so that you get a future-proof solution.

If the groundwork has been done properly, it will be both easy and cheap to expand the number of parking spaces for electric cars.

Restricted user group with Spirii

Many car fleet owners want the option to limit access to their charging stations so that only their own users and cars in their fleet can use their charging points/boxes. Spirii is currently the only service provider in Denmark that offers the option to restrict user groups for specific charging points/boxes. This ensures you have full control over who uses your charging point/box, and thus also the power consumption of the charging infrastructure.


Read more about Spirii Connect service packages here


Spirii’s employees have helped municipalities, regions and companies install charging infrastructure for the past 10 years, and we can also help you find the best charging solution for your needs.


Save money on the connection fee with intelligent software

Fleet cars are typically left to charge overnight, but what’s most important is that they are fully charged in the morning so that users can go about their daily work efficiently. But how many fleet cars should you be able to charge at the same time? And how much electricity do the charging points require? All our charging solutions include intelligent software that allows balancing the charging at the charging points. This allows us to ensure that the available power capacity is utilised as efficiently as possible. Spirii’s intelligent software optimises and ‘balances’ charges, making it possible to charge more electric cars while consuming less amps. This minimises the need for costly power consumption. We call this solution Load Management. Read more about the software here.

Spirii’s employees have many years’ experience in this area and are therefore able to advise you on how to best tackle the distribution of available power capacity and buying additional power.

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