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Forward-looking municipalities and businesses want to help promote the green transition of transportation. This is to improve climate impact and to reduce air pollution locally. They therefore choose to convert part or all of their car fleet into electric cars, which often proves to be a great idea.

However, when parts of or the entire fleet are electric cars, charging at the workplace or at home must be considered. There are of course a number of questions that need to be answered before the purchase and installation of charging stations.

The questions are many and relevant. In Spirii, we have many years of experience in charging fleet cars and are very likely to have the right solution for your municipality or company.

Charge your fleet cars with Spirii

We have many years of experience in helping municipalities and companies choosing the right charging solution for their fleet cars. We therefore also know the challenges you are facing. It should be easy for users to connect, charge and use their electric car everyday. The installation of the charge stations has to be affordable and scalable. Each electric car in the fleet must be fully charged every morning, so that the user can do the tasks of the day hasslefree. We listen and ask the right questions in order to come up with a recommendation that meets your particular needs. Others have done it before you – use our know-how

With Spirii as charging partner, you are ensured an itelligent, affordable and future-proof charging solution for your electric cars.

Where to install your chargers and how to future-proof your charging solution

It is important that you consider where to place the charge stations and future expansion of charge spots right from the start. This way we ensure the cheapest possible installation of charging facilities. Our professional and experienced installation partners know exactly where and how to install the charge stations in the most optimal way. They also know how much power is needed. With Spirii as a charging partner, you are assured an easy and inexpensive expansion of charge spots when needed. We can help you to future-proof and make the most of your investment.

If the preparatory work is done properly, it is both easy and inexpensive to expand the number of parking spaces and chargers for electric cars.

Closed user group with Spirii

Many fleet owners want the option of restricting access to their charging stations so that only their own users and fleet cars can charge on the charge stations. Spirii offers the possibility to restrict usage of the charge stations to a closed user group. In this way, you have full control of who is charging on your charge station – and in this way also full control of the power consumption on the charge stations.

Learn more about our Spirii Connect solutions here

Our employees have helped both municipalities, private owners and companies with finding the right charging solution and installations for many years. Now, we’re also ready to help you.

Save money on additional power capacity with intelligent software

Fleet cars typically charge at night, so that they are fully charged and ready in the morning. But how many fleet cars should be able to charge at the same time? And how much power is needed? All our charging solutions include intelligent software that enables charge balancing. In this way, we ensure that the available power capacity is used efficiently. Spiriis Intelligent software optimizes and “balances” the charge sessions and enables you to charge more electric cars using fewer amps. This minimizes the need for purchasing additional expensive power. We call it “Load management”. Read more about the software here.

Our employees have many years of experience in this area and can therefore advise on how to distribute the available power capacity and purchase of extra power.

The fleet car is charging the same place every night

Each electric car in the fleet has its own parking lot and a dedicated Spirii-charge box. When the fleet car is parked the same place every day, our most popular product is a stylish, sturdy charge box with one charge socket. The charge box is installed on the wall and comes with a fixed cable. Everything to make it as easy as possible for the individual user. The success of having electric cars in the fleet depends heavily on the users’ experiences. Spirii makes it easy and simple right from the start.

The fleet car does not charge the same place every night

Some fleet cars are parked at home at the user’s household. Spirii offers setting up a smart charge box at the home of the user, so that the car is always fully charged and ready for use in the morning. Together we find the best solution and we also advise on the tax rules that apply when employees get a charge box installed at home.

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