Get ready for the future – companies play a crucial role in expanding the national charging network

The market for electric cars is booming like never before for the benefit of the climate and the environment. However, it also places new demands on companies whose employees, who either travel long distances to and from work or are unable to charge at home, increasingly demand charging solutions. Offering charging solutions to both employees and guests is considered good service. 

Things you need to consider when selecting a charging solution

The best and cheapest charging solution with Spirii

With Spirii as your charging partner, you will get the best, cheapest and most future-proof charging solution for your company’s electric cars. You will get the charging equipment of the highest quality and a service agreement that matches your needs.

We will handle all the administrative work and make it easy for you to offer your employees, customers and guests charging options at your address.

One solution for your company’s electric cars

Where we handle all the administrative work

Our charging equipment from Zaptec is of the highest quality and meets all standards for safety and intelligent charging. Our charging boxes perform load and phase balancing, which means that the power is distributed as optimally as possible between the cars being charged. This results in a 66% better utilisation of the power at your disposal. We ensure that your charging solution is future-proof and easily expandable, without any further investments in electricity capacity. This is especially important to meet the rising demand for charging electric vehicles.

We offer four different service agreements that meet your needs for a charging solution, starting from a basic agreement to an expanded service package. A Spirii service agreement makes it easy for you to charge cars belonging to you, your customers or your employees. We handle the administration, operation and maintenance of your charging equipment and are always prepared to assist you. A Spirii service agreement offers benefits such as:

  • Differentiated user prices, allowing your employees to charge at lower rates than guests for example.
  • Closed user groups so that you can restrict charging to cars in your own fleet
  • A revenue split on earnings from charging, which can cover expenses for operation, setup, etc.
  • Access to data and statistics on charging and the use of your charging points, ensuring you have all the data you need to plan on an informed basis
  • Reimbursement of electricity taxes on power used for charging.

With our Spirii Go app, you can offer your customers, employees and guests an easy way to charge their electric car and pay directly by credit card. They can start/stop charging, monitor their consumption and access other charging points in Denmark and Europe. You can also give your employees a voucher code via the app so that they pay a lower price for charging.

The app is free, open to everyone and does not require a subscription.

With Spirii View, you can easily monitor how much your charging stations are being used and by whom.

The portal allows you to monitor:

  • The number of charges and users
  • The total kWh consumption at the locations
  • Average kWh consumption and time for charging
  • Most used locations and plug types
  • Which users use your charging points the most

You can also choose to add your own design and logo to the charging points. This is a way to clearly show off your company’s commitment to CSR and sustainability in your external environment. You can also add your charging points to our app, putting you on the map of charging stations in Denmark and Europe.


Offer your employees and guests easy and user-friendly charging options

With a charging solution from Spirii, you give all your employees, customers and guests free and equal access to charging. Users pay per kWh and therefore do not need expensive subscriptions. Users pay directly with their credit cards via our Spirii Go app. They can start/stop charging, follow their consumption and access other charging points in Denmark and Europe. You can also give your employees a voucher code via the app, so that they pay a lower price for charging than customers and guests.

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Spirii is a team of electric car experts

If you choose to collaborate with Spirii, you get access to the best knowledge pool in the industry. Spirii is a brand new company, but the people behind have many years of experience from the electric car industry. We all have extensive experience with electric cars, charging and developing the transport and energy systems of the future.

Spirii combines expertise and state-of-the-art charging points and boxes from the Norwegian provider of charging equipment ZAPTEC.

Read more about intelligent charging solutions here

Spirii makes having an electric car easy and flexible for the benefit of you and your employees. It allows you to focus on your business and what is important to you. As a Spirii customer, we make it easy and hassle-free to become more environment-friendly and sustainable.




Spirii recommends

Together with our experienced installation partners, we will plan the task and make sure that you do not end up buying too many or too few charging points or boxes.

Our professional installation partners know where it is best to establish charging points. We also know how much or how little electricity is needed for the charging points.

With Spirii as your charging partner, you will always be able to increase the number of charging points or charging boxes at your convenience and at a low cost. This ensures that you do not buy too many charging points too soon. We help you get the most out of your investment so that you get a future-proof solution.

If the groundwork has been done properly, it will be both easy and cheap to expand the number of parking spaces for electric cars