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Getting your head around the installation of charge stations can be a complex and time-consuming process. You are currently investigating the market and are considering offering your employees charging at work. But it is difficult to get started. There are many questions to ask – we have the answers to most of them.

The best and cheapest charge solution with Spirii

Our employees have advised many companies with installations in the past 10 years. Now we’re also ready to help you find the best possible charging solution. We know the challenges that most companies are dealing with when considering offering employees and guests charging. We listen and ask the right questions in order to make a recommendation that meets your particular needs.

With Spirii as a charging partner, you are ensured the best, cheapest and most future-proof charging solution for electric cars.

The right number of charge stations?

We recommend

Together with our experienced installation partners, we project the assignment and make sure that you do not install too many or too few charge stations.

Our professional installation partners know exactly where’s the best spot to install the charge stations. They also know how much or how little power is needed.

With Spirii as a charging partner, you are always ensured an easy and inexpensive possibility of expanding the number of charge stations when the need is prevalent. This way you avoid purchasing and installing too many chargers prematurely. We help you make the most of your investment so that it is future-proof.

If the preparatory work is done properly, it is both easy and inexpensive to expand the number of parking spaces and chargers for electric cars.

We make the administration easy

We know the tax rules in this area, and our solution ensures that the tax-related aspects of charging and billing is easily managed by he company.

Our Spirii Connect solutions enable each employee to be registered for his or her own charging, and the power consumption can be settled directly with the employee independently of the company. It is just one of the many smart features we offer companies that want to offer charging to employees with electric cars. Of course, guests and customers will also be able to charge, and our solution allows the company to decide whether charging should be free or paid for by users.

Spirii is a team of electric car and charging experts

If you choose to collaborate with Spirii, you get access to the most experienced people in the industry. Spirii is a brand new company, but the people behind have many years of experience from the electric car industry. We have all worked extensively with electric cars, charging and the development of future transportation and energy systems.

Spirii er kombinationen af erfarne mennesker og state of the art ladestandere og ladebokse fra den norske producent af ladeudstyr ZAPTEC.

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Spirii has made life with an electric car easy and flexible benefitting you and your employees. This means that you can focus on your business and what’s important in your everyday life. As a Spirii customer you’ll have the opportunity to take an easy and effortless step in a green and sustainable direction.

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