eRoaming - your access to Europe's charging network

With Spirii Go you get easy access to charging and payment at public charging points in Denmark and in most European countries. Our goal is to make it as easy and affordable as possible to move around in an electric car, wherever you are. To get a full overview of charging options in your map view, make sure that your filter is set to include eRoaming charging points.

Price for eRoaming

The cost of charging via eRoaming is set by the local charging operator and is displayed in the app for each given location – always note the stated price or click the ‘Price’ button and read the information carefully before starting a charge.
Spirii adds an administration fee of 5 DKK per charge that covers our administrative costs of being associated with Hubject. Once you completed your charging you pay directly with Spirii Go.

Our eRoaming network

We offer roaming via the European roaming platform Hubject, which offers roaming at more than 200,000 recharging points. We make roaming agreements with the charging operators who are on Hubject and as soon as we have quality assurance of their roaming service, we add them to our roaming network.

A little tip

When you want to charge with one of our eRoaming partners, be aware that not all recharging points look the same or handled in the same way. You should expect some extra time to find a specific charger and become familiar with how it works.

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