Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions and answers about charging with Spirii

Charging electric cars - general questions

  • Do I have to pay for a charge-subscription?


    Spirii offers an open charging network. So you don’t need a subscription with Spirii to charge at our public charging stations. With our Spirii Go app, you can easily charge your electric car and pay directly with the app. It costs a fixed price of 3 kr./kWh unless otherwise stated in our app or on the charger.

    However, if you buy a charge station, you are required to purchase one of our operating and service solutions; Spirii Connect, which includes, among other things, refund of electricity tax, service and maintenance and full guarantee.
    Read more about Spirii Connect here.

  • How do I start a charge session on Spirii's charging stations?

    If you are at a Spirii charge station and want to start a charge session, you can either use your Spirii Key charge card or the Spirii Go app.

  • What happens when the car is fully charged?

    We only charge for the number of kWh that your car can receive. If your car is fully charged and you remain connected, no additional cost is debited.
    However, we encourage our customers to remove their electyric cars when done charging, as the charger can be useful for others with electric cars.

  • how much does it cost to charge?

    Public charging
    To expand and strengthen our public network, we work with many different partners. Therefore, the cost of charging in Spirii’s public network varies, but we always try to keep it as low as possible. You can see the current power price in our spirii go app.

    Charging at work
    If your workplace has a Spirii Connect Business or Connect Pro solution, you may be able to charge at a lower price on the chargers at work than on the public chargers.

    Oplader du derhjemme på en ladeboks fra Spirii betaler du din egen strømpris. (Gennemsnitsprisen i Danmark er 2,2 DKK/kWh). Med en Spirii Connect Private løsning til 79 kr./mnd. modtager du desuden refusion af den elafgift, som du betaler for den strøm, du bruger til opladning. Refusionssatsen er pr. 1. januar 2021 1,12 kr./kWh. Vi udbetaler refusionen hvert kvartal.

    *You can only receive a refund of the electricity tax if you charge your electric car on a charging box with built-in, approved meter and do not have solar cells or other self-produced power that you do not pay electricity tax off.

  • How to charge with Spirii Key

    How to charge with Spirii Key:

    • To open the door, place the charge card on the specified area on the lid of the charge point
    • The charge session will begin when the charging cable has been inserted in both the car and charger
    • Charging is stopped by re-placing the charge card on the specified area

    The charge stations recognizes you as a Spirii customer and a total invoice for your consumption will be sent at the end of the month.

  • eRoaming network

  • How much does it cost to roam with Spirii

    Each charging operator decides the price of roaming charging. You can always see the applicable roaming price in the app. Spirii also charges a fixed administration fee of DKK 5 per charge.

  • Which operators can I roam with?

    Hubject offers roaming on over 200,000 public charging points. In the long term, you can leave with all public charging operators who are on the Hubject platform. We continuously make roaming agreements with these charging operators and add them to our app and network as soon as we have an agreement in place.

  • Why can't I roam everyone?

    Not all charging operators are on the Hubject platform. Even if a charging operator is at Hubject, we still need to have a roaming agreement with the operator before we can grant access to the operator’s recharging points.

  • Why is the price of roaming so different?

    It is up to each operator to set their price for charging via roaming. Some operators do not differentiate between their roaming prices and “normal” prices, others value roaming charging higher. We are trying to get the roaming price as low as possible, through bilateral agreements

  • How do I get billed for my roaming?

    When you use the Spirii Go app, you pay directly and immediately after finishing charging. If you use your Spirii Key charging piece you will receive an invoice from us

  • Can I use my charging piece from other operators on Spiriis recharging points?

    Very soon. Currently, you cannot leave at Spirii with charging cards from other operators. We are working to open up our recharging points and expect to be ready very soon.

  • About the Spirii Go app

  • What is Spirii Go?

    With Spirii Go you can easily:

    • Finding vacant public charging points
    • Start and stop charging
    • Pay for charging directly with the app
    • Filter by eRoaming, connector types, and charging speed
    • View charging history for home and home charging on your own Spirii charging box
    • Charge with our roaming partners and pay directly with the app
  • How do I install the new Spirii Go app?

    You can either update your current Spirii Go app or delete it and download again. If you are an existing Spirii Go app user, your information will automatically follow over into the new app

  • How much does Spirii Go cost?

    Download Spirii Go for free from your App Store and Google Play.

  • How do I charge with Spirii Go?
    1. Locate and select a recharging stand on the map (You can always see if the charge point is free or busy) If necessary, use the option. location service to find its way to the selected location
    2. Drive to free charge point and select your charging outlet in the app
    3. Choose ‘ Start Charging ‘ to open the charger
    4. Insert your charging cable into the charging point and then into your electric car
    5. Now your electric car is charging! Follow your in-app charge
    6. Stop charging in-app when you’re done or take out your charging cable
    7. First remove the charging cable from the car and then out of the charging stand
    8. You pay per charge with your credit card and a receipt is sent to your email after the end of charging
  • I've stopped charging in app, but recharging points don't unlock and release my cable

    If you are using a recharging point with a motorised port, unplug the electric car first and the port opens and releases the cable from the charging point

  • How do I find Spiriri's own recharging points?

    With the filter feature, you can choose to see only spiriis recharging points or all public recharging points that are on the hubject roaming platform. Spirii’s recharging stands are pink, whereas all other public charging points are green.

  • How do I find other operators' recharging points in the app?

    How do I find other operators’ recharging points in the app?

  • How do I get information about my charging?

    With Spirii Go, you can constantly track your usage at home, but also when charging at public charging points. Spirii Go shows you your total consumption for recent years, months or weeks – at home and away.

  • What is a voucher code?

    Voucher codes give you a discount on charging at Spirii’s charging points. You will receive a voucher code through your workplace, housing association or parking garage if a special agreement has been made with Spirii. Ask your workplace, housing association or parking garage if they have a voucher code for charging. You add your voucher code in the app and the app records your discount price at the selected locations

  • Can I add vouchers to the app?


    You can add more vouchers. When you add your voucher in Spirii Go, you can see your discount price, validity and where the voucher is valid.

  • Can I change payment information?


    You can change, delete, or add credit cards to the menu under the heading “Payment and vouchers”

  • How do I get my Spirii home charging box in the app?

    To see your usage on your home charging box in the Spirii Go app, you’ll need to have it added to your app. You write to us at and we’ll add it immediately. Of course, only you can see it in the app.

  • Spirii's network

    To expand and strengthen our public network, we work with many different partners. Therefore, the cost of charging in Spirii’s public network varies, but we always try to keep it as low as possible. You can see the current power price in our spirii go app.