Learn more about charging of electric cars

Future-proof charging solution for electric cars

It is a good idea to make sure that the selected charging solution not only covers your needs today but also in the future. Spirii wants to deliver future-proof solutions to our customers, so that they can plan their investments from the beginning.

Intelligent charging of electric cars

Spirii believes that intelligent charging is key to quick and efficient charging of your electric car. That is why we prioritise both developing and integrating intelligent charging in our products. Whether you are a private individual or a business, Spirii has the solution that makes charging simple for you, and we make sure that your installation is future-proof and up-to-date with the newest software.

Optimising charging

When you select a Spirii Connect service package, we automatically include Load Management. Load Management is a function in the software provided with our intelligent charging equipment. With Load Management, you can optimise and balance charging while saving money on the connection fee.

Installation of your charging equipment

Spirii prioritises simplicity from start to end, and the installation of our charging points is no exception. We collaborate with electricians who have many years of experience in installing charging solutions for private individuals, companies and municipalities. And they only deliver installations that comply with current legislation.

About Spirii

Spirii is a brand new company, but the people behind have many years of experience from the electric car industry. We have worked extensively with electric cars, charging and on developing the transport and energy systems of the future.