Learn more about charging electric cars

Future-proofed charging solution for electric cars

It is always a good idea to ensure that the chosen charging equipment and solution, not only meets your needs today, but also in the future. In Spirii, we are very committed to delivering future-proof solutions to our customers so that your investment is long-term from start.

Intelligent charging of electric cars

Intelligent charging is the key for smart and efficient charging of your electric car. That’s why we both prioritise the development and integration of intelligent charging in our products. Whether you’re a private customer, municipality or business operator, the Spirii Connect solution makes charging simple for you right now and here while at the same time, makes sure that your installation is future-proof and completely up-to-date with the latest software.

Optimisation of charging

When you choose a Spirii Connect solution it always includes our Load Management software. Load Management is a software functionality in our charge stations. Load management enables charge balancing and optimisation and might save you expensive purchase of additional power capacity.

Installation of your charge solution

We weigh simplicity from start to finish and the installation of our charge stations is not an exception. We work with installationteams who have many years of experience installing charging solutions for private, business and local authorities and only provide installations that comply with applicable law.

About Spirii

Spirii is a brand new company, but the people behind have many years of experience from eMobility industry. For many years we have been working extensively with electric cars, charging solutions and the development of future mobility and energy systems.