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In housing associations and parking lots, there is often a need for advanced load balancing. This takes into account the different electric car models and their speed of charging connected to the same charger and optimizes the speed of charging between the electric vehicles with the ratio between the fuse of the charging station and the cable dimensioning. In addition, there may be requests for dynamic up and down adjustment of charging speed based on external requirements from the local power grid.

With Spirii Load Management we optimise charging benefitting all our customers
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Load management can be used if you have limited power capacity available. Your charging equipment can detect the number of connected electric cars and allocate the available power capacity to suit the charging speed of each electric car model. Load management is possible on a single charge station with two outlets or between several charging stations at a location.

An installation with two charge stations (two outlets per station) has only 63A available corresponding to 16A per outlet. If two electric cars connect to charge, each one will charge using up to 32A. But then a third electric car connects and the electric cars will now be three to share the 63A – all three are now charging using up to 21A. If a fourth electric car connects, each of them will charge using approx. 16A each.

Without Load management, only the first two electric cars could charge at the same time. the third and fourth electric car would have to wait for the first two electric cars to finish charging. Thus, Load management enables you to make better use of the available power and charging capacity and you will avoid having to invest further in the purchase of expensive power.

When you choose a Spirii Connect solution you always get Load Management. Activation of the Load Management functionality is done by our skilled backend technicians in connection with the installation itself.

If you are installing a single charge station/charge box with two outlets, it does not require extra meassures to ensure load balancing, but when two or more charge stations are installed, the charge stations need to be connected with a communication cable. This is required whether each charging station has a separate supply cable and circuit breaker panel, or if there are several mounted on the same cable.

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