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Every day there are more electric cars on the streets, which is why companies, housing associations and municipalities/regions are faced with buying and installing recharging points or charging boxes. All Spirii charging boxes and recharging points are future-proof, intelligent and can charge all electric car models on the market. Our skilled and professional installation partners have many years of experience in installing charging stations for electric cars.
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Product specifications for Spirii charge equipment

All our charging equipment delivers up to 22 kW and is “fully connected”. We have compiled all relevant product specifications for you in this pdf. Download and get the full overview. We have many years of experience and have made it easy for you to choose the best, cheapest and most future-proof solution for charging electric cars.

We cooperate with ZAPTEC – Norwegian manufacturer of charging equipment

In Spirii we offer the best charging equipment on the market , in cooperation with charge equipment provider ZAPTEC.

In Spirii, we offer our customers simple and smart charging equipment in cooperation with the Norwegian charging provider ZAPTEC. ZAPTEC performs load and phase balancing, which allows the charging station to dynamically switch between single and three-phase charging for the best and more efficient use of the power you have available. By using this system developed by ZAPTEC, you get 66 percent better use of the power. All charging boxes from ZAPTEC have a charging speed of 22 kW, allowing the electric car to be charged up to a driving length of 110 km in just one hour. It is a smart and efficient solution for businesses, housing associations and municipalities/regions. We help you with tailor-made solutions of the best quality. Grab Spirii, we’re ready to help you.

Easy to expand your installation

When installing ZAPTEC, the infrastructure is laid out for all parking spaces and upcoming electric charging areas. If you get new and more residents, employees or visitors in electric cars who need charging, you can quickly and easily scale up the existing installation without additional work or investment in more power capacity.

Always online

ZAPTEC’s 4G LTE-M from Telenor ensures good uptime and can help make the charging system more affordable without the use of additional network solutions. The charging system will be online at all times and ensure regular software updates.

Forward-looking and intelligent

The charging station supports ISO 15118, which prepares it for Plug & Charge, State-of-Charge and other exciting options that enable us to improve the user experience. Using advanced technology, built-in software, cloud configuration and monitoring, the charging system is ready for the future.

Highest security standards

The charging equipment from ZAPTEC complies with government safety requirements and the highest standards for the safe charging of your electric car. It provides you with safe and efficient charging with an approved type 2 connector, integrated fuses and built-in soil fault protection.


  • Fast charging 22 kW
  • Safe and safe charging
  • Future-proof
  • 4G internet
  • Load balancing

If you want a free-standing charging box, two different columns can be purchased

Spico Z Column Premium

A high-quality column and stylish design that makes it easy to install the Spico Z Pro charging box in the open landscape. Spico Z Column Premium comes in two variants, Single and Twin. With Single you can mount a Spico Z Pro charging box per column, you want more flexibility and efficient charging, twin allows you to mount two charging boxes per pillar.

Download technical specifications here

Spico Z Column Standard

The design of the pillar gives a stylish expression and is based on the sturdy lamppost. It makes it easy to install Spico Z Pro charging boxes in the open landscape. Spico Z Column Standard comes in two variants, Single and Twin. With Single, you can mount one charging box per column. For more flexibility and efficient charging, Twin allows you to mount two charging boxes per column.

Download technical specifications here

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