Spirii Connect Private

With a charging solution from one of our partners, you get, as a fixed part of the package, Spirii Connect Private with for 79 DKK per month. Then you are guaranteed the best experience with charging your electric car at home. With Spirii Connect Private, you get a simple, reliable and smart charging solution where help is always at your fingertips. At the same time, every quarter you get a refund of the electricity tax you pay for power spent on charging at home – one-on-one.

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Benefits of Spirii Connect Private

Spirii Connect Private is specially composed to suit you that charges the electric car at home on its own charging box. The total service pack costs DKK 79 per month and ensures that you get a simple, reliable and smart charging solution. Every quarter, you’ll receive a refund of the electricity tax*you pay for power spent on charging at home – one-on-one.

*SKAT har pr. 1. januar 2020 fastsat refusionssatsen til 1,11 kr./kWh inkl. moms
** Vi sætter løbende offentlige ladestandere op i hele landet. Opladning koster fra 3 kr./kWh medmindre andet er angivet. Du kan starte og betale for opladning via vores app Spirii Go. Vi tilbyder også adgang til et europæisk roaming ladenetværk via vores app. Pris for opladning afhænger af udbyder

Spirii key charging card

When you install a charging box from Spirii, you automatically get a free Spirii Key charging piece that you need to open your charging box. You can also use the charging tile on Spirii’s other public charging points. If you lose your charging piece or need an extra you can order here. It costs 59 KR for creation and shipping.


Example of your costs of charging at home with a driving requirement of 15,000 km per year and charging at home on a charging box with Spirii Connect Private = 351,50 KR/mnd which equals to approximately 1,40 KR/kWh.


15,000 km per year equates to about 3,000 kWh
Annual electricity cost: 3,000 x 2.2 = 6,600 KR.
Annual cost of Spirii Connect: 12 x 79 KR = 948 KR.
Tax refund per year: 3,000 kWh x $1.11 = $3,330
Tax refund deducted from Spirii Connect Private: ($3,330 - $948) = $2,382/year
Net cost of running power per month:
($6,600 + $948 - $3,330) /12 = 351.50 KR/md
= 1.40 KR/kWh.