Spirii Connect Private

With a charging solution from one of our business partners, you will also get Spirii Connect Private at a monthly price of DKK 79 as part of the package. This way, you are guaranteed the best experience when you charge your electric car at home. Spirii Connect Private will give you a simple, reliable and smart charging solution where help is always at hand. Furthermore, the electricity tax you pay for electricity to charge your car at home will be reimbursed every three months.

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Benefits of Spirii Connect Private

Spirii Connect Private is designed for customers who charge their electric cars at home at their own charging box. The price of the total service package is DKK 79 per month and will guarantee you a simple, reliable and smart charging solution. The electricity tax* you pay for electricity to charge your car at home will be reimbursed every three months.

*As of 1 January 2020, SKAT, the Danish Customs and Tax Administration, has fixed the reimbursement rate at DKK 1.11/kWh incl. VAT

** We install public charging points throughout the country on an ongoing basis. The price of charging starts at DKK 3/kWh unless otherwise specified. You can start and pay for charging via our Spirii Go app. We also offer access to a European roaming charging network via our app. The price of charging depends on the operator

Spirii key charging card

When you install a charging box from Spirii, you automatically get a free Spirii Key charging tag for opening your charging box. You can also use the charging tag on Spirii’s other public charging points. If you lose your charging tag or need an extra, you can order it her.

A charging tag costs DKK 59 to create and send.



Cost example for charging at home: Assuming you drive 15,000 km/year and charge at home with a charging box with Spirii Connect Private = DKK 351.50/month, corresponding to around DKK 1.40/kWh.


15,000 km a year corresponds to about 3,000 kWh. Annual electricity costs: 3,000 x 2,2 = DKK 6,600. Annual costs of Spirii Connect: 12 x DKK 79 = DKK 948. Annual tax reimbursement: 3,000 kWh x DKK 1.11 = DKK 3,330. Tax reimbursement less Spirii Connect Private: (DKK 3,330 - DKK 948) = DKK 2,382/year. Net costs of electric charging per month: (DKK 6,600 + DKK 948 - DKK 3,330)/12 = DKK 351.50/ month = DKK 1.40/kWh.