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Your access to charging

With our Spirii Go app, you can easily access our public charging points, start and stop charging, keep track of your consumption and pay directly with your credit card. As a new feature, you can now also charge via eRoaming at charging points from other operators.

We have developed an app that makes it easy for you to charge your electric car no matter where you are.

The Spirii network

In order to expand and strengthen our public, open charging network, we collaborate with various partners, who, like us, want to make it easier for you to charge your electric car – at work, in the city or in multi-storey car parks.

You can see our public charging network in our Spirii go app or on elbilviden.dk’s website

eRoaming with Spirii Go

We now offer roaming via the European roaming platform Hubject, which offers roaming on more than 200,000 charging posts. We enter into roaming agreements with the charging operators who are on Hubject, and add them to our roaming network as soon as we have quality assured their roaming service. Our goal is that you can use Spirii Go to access all major charging operators at a fair price. Read more about eRoaming with Spirii here

Price of charging

The price of charging in our public network varies since we collaborate with many different partners to provide public charging points, however, we always try to keep the price of charging as low as possible.

The price of charging in our roaming network is determined by the individual charging operators.

You can always see the current electricity prices in the Spirii Go app.


Follow your consumption in Spirii Go

Spirii Go makes it easy to follow your consumption whether you are out or at home from your Spirii charging box.

We give you a full overview, so that you can always keep track of your charging.

Spirii Go shows your total consumption in weeks, months and years.

How to use Spirii Go

  1. Download Spirii Go from App Store or Google Play
  2. Create a profile with your email and password
  3. Enter your contact and card information
  4. Welcome to Spirii Go!

Follow these instructions to start charging:

  1. Find and select a charging point on the map (you can always see whether the charging point is available or busy) Use the location service to find the chosen location.
  2. Drive to the available charging point and select your charging outlet in the app.
  3. Press ‘Start Charging’ to open the charging outlet port
  4. Plug your charging cable into the charging point and then your car.
  5. Your car is now charging! Follow your charging in the app
  6. Stop charging via the app, when you are done or unplug your charging cable
  7. First, unplug the charging cable from the car and then from the charging point
  8. You pay for each charging with your credit card and you will receive a receipt by email after the charging is complete

Do you have any questions about our app or eRoaming?

Find most of the answers here