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Your access to charging

With our Spirii Go app, you can easily access our public charging points, start and stop charging, track your usage and pay directly by credit card. As something new, you can now also charge via eRoaming on recharging points from other charging operators.
We’ve developed an app to make it easier for you to charge your electric car wherever you are.

Spirii's network

To expand and strengthen our public, open charging network, we work with many different partners who, like us, will make it easier for you to charge your electric car – at work, in the city or in parking houses.

Du kan se vores offentlige ladenetværk i vores app Spirii Go eller på elbilviden.dks hjemmeside

eRoaming with Spirii Go

As something completely new, we offer roaming through the European roaming platform Hubject, which offers roaming at more than 200,000 recharging points. We make roaming agreements with the charging operators who are on Hubject and as soon as we have quality assurance of their roaming service, we add them to our roaming network. Our goal is that with Spirii Go, you have access to all large charging operators at a fair price. Read more about eRoaming with Spirii here

Price for charging

The cost of charging in our public network varies as we work with many different partners to set up public charging points, but we always try to keep the cost of charging as low as possible.
The cost of charging in our roaming network is determined by the individual charging operators.

You can always see the current power prices in our Spirii Go app.

Follow your usage in Spirii Go

With Spirii Go, you can now follow your usage at home and abroad on your Charging Box from Spirii.
We give you an overview so you can always keep track of your charges.
Spirii Go shows you your total consumption for weeks, months and years.

How to use Spirii Go

  1. Download Spirii Go from App Store or Google Play
  2. Opret en profil – indtast din email og afvent mail med verificeringslink
  3. Du modtager en mail med verificeringslink, som du skal åbne på din smartphone – tryk på linket (hvis du ikke kan åbne mail med link, kan du bruge SMS-kode i stedet for)
  4. Enter your contact and payment card information
  5. Welcome to Spirii Go!

Hent step-by-step guide her

To start a charge session, follow these instructions:

  1. Find og vælg en ladestander på kortet (Du kan altid se om ladestanderen er ledig eller optaget) Benyt evt. lokalitetstjenesten til at finde vej til den valgte lokation
  2. Drive to free charge point and select your charging outlet in the app
  3. Tryk ’Start Charging’ for at åbne porten til ladeudtag
  4. Insert your charging cable into the charging point and then into your electric car
  5. Now your electric car is charging! Follow your in-app charge
  6. Stop charging in-app when you’re done or take out your charging cable
  7. First remove the charging cable from the car and then out of the charging stand
  8. You pay per charge with your credit card and a receipt is sent to your email after the end of charging

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