Spirii Key

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Get easy access to affordable charging

Order your Spirii Key charging tag and get access to our public charging points.

Spirii Key costs DKK 59 to create and send – sold out

The Spirii network

We collaborate with many different partners to expand and strengthen our public network. The price of charging in Spirii’s public network therefore varies, but we always try to keep it as low as possible. You can see the current electricity prices in the Spirii Go app.

If you have access to a Spirii charging point at work, in a multi-storey car park or by your housing association, you may be charged a special, low price. If you have received a voucher code, you can enter it when you fill out your order below.

Spirii Go

With our Spirii Go app, you can easily access our public charging points, start and stop charging, keep track of your consumption and pay directly with your credit card. As a new feature, you can now also charge via eRoaming at other charging operators.

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